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LCTR® system

Our LCTR® system can produce a new substance by injecting a gas, liquid or solid substance into an existing liquid solvent.

  • Liquid-liquid reaction / Ex) LiCl + Na2CO3(l) → Li2CO3
  • Gas-liquid reaction / Ex) 2LiOH + 3CO2(g) → Li2CO3
  • Solid-liquid reaction / Ex) Al2CO3(S) + CuSO4 → Cu-Al2CO3
  1. Fill the reaction part of a reactor with a buffer solution, vent the air, and then rotate the mixing bar.
  2. Inject one or more substances to react. Precisely control the injection flow rate by using a volumetric pump, etc.
  3. Wait until it reaches a steady state(3 τ or more).
  4. After it has reached a steady state, separate the solid product from the liquid and then dry the crystal.
01 Powerful and uniform mixing capability
The LCTR® was commercialized based on a Taylor fluid flow, so it shows 3-times more excellent mass transfer speed and 7-times more excellent agitation strength than the existing tank-type reactor. In addition, uniform rings of donut type are created to produce products of uniform property.

02 Property enhancement & high yield
The uniform mixing technology prepared a basis for crystals to self-assemble easily. As a result of removing dead-zones, this enhanced properties(purity, density, particle distribution, particle size, crystallization degree, impurity removal ration, etc.) and increased yields more than the existing reactors.

03 Facilitation of scale-up
The fluid flow in a LCTR® is an ideal fluid flow without dead-zones, so when its scale is increased from 1 L to 300 L, only controlling the agitation speed can produce products of the same property. We produce production reactors of ton unit as well as laboratory reactors of 10 mL.

04 High productivity
With powerful agitation capability, the Taylor fluid flow plays a role of catalyst to shorten the reaction time. The crystal products accompanied by crystal transition during production can shorten the production time as much as maximum 20 or more times the existing products, which shows the high production capability of an LCTR® system.

05 Precise temperature control
The temperature control part is composed of dual jackets, and temperature is controlled from the outside. The reaction part is of a small pipe type to facilitate temperature transfer and enable precise temperature control.

06 Customized production as well as manufactured goods
The LCTR® system enables sales of customized production type as well as mass production models, so it can be renovated into a desired type.

07 Monitoring system
The LCTR® system provides a real-time monitoring system. You can confirm the progress of an experiment in real time, and if a problem occurs, then the process stops automatically.

08 Applicable to all the chemical industry fields
The LCTR® can be applied to the electronic material, precise chemical, food, pharmaceutical and environmental fields, and patents are registered to protect our special technology.

09 Simple operation method
Anyone can easily produce substances only by grasping the features of a LCTR® system and controlling the pump and agitation speed to adjust a stoichiometric ratio.

10 Application of various methods
Its application fields are so diverse that it can be widely used in the fields such as the synthesis of chemical compounds, the production of crystals, the coating and impregnation of uniform particles, the separation and fermentation of substances, etc.

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